Non-Profit Organizations

You simply won’t find a region more dedicated to helping others; a place where people take the concept of being a neighbor seriously. Decatur County has numerous non-profits (NGO) and is welcoming to more.

If your business is philanthropic in nature and you are a recognized non-profit Decatur County is strategically located in a region with grant mechanisms are built-in to support your efforts. These grants vary in amount and aggressively and generously seek to assist organizations dedicated to helping others and facilitating economic growth. 

Dane G. Hansen Foundation

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation was established as a charitable organization in 1965, with the primary goal of making the communities of Northwest Kansas a better place to live.

GROW Decatur County Foundation gives residents an opportunity to invest in their community. It benefits the giver, the gift is forever and every dollar is used to benefit Decatur County.