Annual Pickup Day

March 24, 2022

Annual City-Wide 

Front Curb Pickup Day

Keep Oberlin Beautiful

The City of Oberlin will be conducting a city-wide Front Curb Pickup Program at no additional charge to its Citizens. Citizens must place items on the curb by Monday, April 25, 2022 before 8 am, City Crews will be picking up these items by area on April 25th from 8 to 5 pm. MUST CALL the City offices at 475-2217 before April 22nd to be placed on a pickup list.

Items that will be picked up:

-Furniture and bulky household items such as sinks, mattresses, hot water heaters, appliances, etc.

-Tree limbs must be cut into manageable sizes for 2 people to handle and no longer than 4’.

-Carpet must be cut in strips no more than 4’, tightly rolled and tied.

Construction material such as drywall and lumber less than 4’ in length, but no more than approximately 50lbs of material.

Items that will NOT be picked up:

Regular household waste, Tires, Batteries, Pressurized tanks, Auto parts, Liquids, oil or paint, Refrigerant items such as refrigerators and A/C Units, Hazardous Materials  

Procedure for Pickup:

-Place materials on the front curb of the residence, before 8:00 am on Monday, April 25th, 2022 (items will not be picked up unless seen from the street and placed no more than 5’ from the edge of the street).

-Please DO NOT set out pick-up items more than 3 days in advance of the pick-up date.

-The quantity of pick-up material collected from one residence is limited to a reasonable amount. That equates to a pile no more than 10’ L X 5’ W X 4’ H or about the size of a pickup bed.

-City crews will not pick up items too heavy for 2 people to safely handle, or items not properly prepared for collection.

-Do not mix the materials to be picked up with regular household waste or small, loose items. Loose bits and pieces will not be picked up.

-Please be courteous. Please prepare and place items out on the curb in an orderly way and according to the set rules and regulations. This will help the process run smoothly and ensure that your items are picked up saving you the time and effort it would take to haul it away yourself.

For any questions about the Front Curb Pickup Program please call the city office at: 785-475-2217

Click here to view PICK-UP DAY flyer

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